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About the Program

This 3 month program is designed for people who have finished technical training and preparing for jobs. The trainees in this program engage with our team as if they work for our company and ,by so doing, understand the development process and work culture. The program is 100% online and our team meetings are Mondays - Fridays, 20 minutes meeting each day.

Areas of Specialization

  • Linux Administration
  • Cloud Administration & Architecture
  • DevOps Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Fullstack Development
  • Java Development

How it Works

Choose a career path to build your experience from our Areas of Specialization

Complete the application, upload your resume and determine eligibility.

Join our team and start building your work experience.

For Entry Level

Only about 25% of graduates get their desired jobs, after graduation. We understand the unique challenges you face, and can empower you with the skills and experience that employers are looking for.

For Professionals

You need to upgrade your skills to stay relevant in the workplace, or you want to switch careers and earn more. We can help you boost your skills and work experience, so you can get your dream job.

Benefits of our Program

  • Work closely with our experienced development team and build experience.
  • Learn with the most current technologies used in today’s workplace.
  • Get your resume reviewed for best results in job search.
  • Let us find the jobs for you, when you signup for our Job Placement service.
  • We maintain Work History Record for each trainee, as proof of tasks accomplished and tender for employment purposes.
  • The training is totally remote.

Some Linuxjobber Success Stories

Jessica Diane. Bowie, MD.
"I already had a certificate as AWS Solutions Architect but Linuxjobber helped me get my first tech job"
Joseph Williams. Alpharetta, GA.
"I finished my Linux training but did not pass job interviews. Linuxjobber helped me bridge the gap"
Jana Hale. Lafayette, IL.
"I just needed work experience because I have never worked in the field. Linuxjobber gave me the opportunity"

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