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Partners for your IT career success

We vet your skills and help you find opportunites that match your skillset.


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Leading the way to your career success

With years of experience and deep technical understanding, we build your competence, increasing your chances at securing high paying tech jobs.

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What We Will Do for you

Resume building and assistance

Work History Record Reference

Interview preparation

Job Search

Contacting recruiters

Access to alumni community

How it Works?

Anyone can apply to this program. Once application is received, we will evaluate each applicant's past records and determine eligibility for this program. Based on applicant's past performance, we will invite selected applicants to participate in this program.

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Our areas of specialization includes

Linux Administration

Database Administration

Full Stack Development

Dev Ops Administration

Cloud Administration & Architecture

Java Development


Aaron M.


Chidi N.


Emmanuel A.


Ladouce D.


Senai T.


Bunmi K.


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LinuxJobber's Job Search Assistance program builds your competence, thereby increasing your chance at securing a high paying tech job!

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