We have two programs for AWS training:

1. Self Study Class
Cost: $29 per month
Mode: online instruction to guide you
Duration: Continuously running 24/7 everyday
Addition: Access to entire AWS course and all other courses on Linuxjobber.com
Register here: access course

2. One-on-one class
Mode: Live instructor to teach ONLY you online
Schedule: 3 times per week. 1 Hr each.
Duration: 30 days
Cost: $1695
Register here: premium plan

This is a certification training for $29 per month. The class is continuous until you feel like you are ready and you take the exam.
Yes, absolutely, we allow you to talk to our former interns. Here is how it works:
1. Prospective students will enroll in the Work Experience program.
2. We allow them to cancel and get a full refund without questions asked any time within 7 days.
3. Then we give the student access to former interns to ask questions.
4. If, for whatever reason, the student is not satisfied, he/she can cancel within 7 days and get a full refund.
Most of the people in the program are exactly in your position. Lots of people from CA. Here is how we do it.
Once you sign up, we will bring an instructor that can fit into your schedule.
The instructor will meet with you one-on-one online and go through all the materials with you until you have completed everything.
The schedule is 3 times per week. Each session is 1 hour long and the total duration is 3 months.
You will have 24/7 access to labs and other materials for practice.
That is how it works. You just have to pick which of the two payment options you want.
Then the Work Experience is not your first step.
Your first step is to take the Linux Course, one-on-one with instructor.
The cost is $2495 and it is 3-months long. Our instructors will work with your schedule.
A payment plan will be:
1st payment of $1000
2nd payment of $500 two weeks after
3rd payment of $500 two weeks after
final payment of $495 two weeks after
Yes, installment payment is available for US residents with sufficient credit history.
We don't have to find job for you. You can find job yourself.
Two options to pay for the class:
1. upfront fee: $2495
2. Installment: $399 registration + 14% of 1 year salary.
Pick one.
If you sign up for both services, we will provide both service and the cost for both is $399 + 17%.
If you wish to look for job yourself, then just sign up for Work Experience program. That is only $399 + 14%.
You have two payment options:
1. Pay the whole money in full before classes begin
2. If you are working, you can sign an agreement for monthly payment based on your current income.
Which do option do you prefer?
OR To begin our Linux training, the first step is to make the payment and step #2 is to begin the classes (3 months) asap.
If you are Not currently working, then you have to pay all the training fees ($2495) upfront before classes begin.
If you are currently working (regardless of field of work), you can spread out the payment over 1 year period.
Which option do you prefer?
Follow on:
Spreading is based on your current gross income. How much is your current gross monthly income?
We are only using this to determine percentage of income equivalent to monthly payment.
In that case, you have three options for the DevOps program,

1. $1695 one-time payment.
Class is 3 days per week. One-on-one live with instructor.
Duration of program is 1 month.

2. 14% of 1 year salary when you get a job plus $399 registration fee.
This is Work Experience program. It will cover the DevOps program for you.
Duration of program is 3 months.

3. You can do the self-study course on our website.
It is only $29 per month.
Duration of program depends on your study pace.

Which of the three options do you prefer?
If you can't do 14%, then you can just pay a flat fee for the service.
The total cost for Work Experience is $5990 if paid upfront. We can spread it over a 12 month period for you.
In the past, DevOps students have worked on Linux security lockdown, security logs, web service & domain setups, ansible, docker, kubernetes, openshift, jenkins, nagios, microservices, live applications etc.
I am not sure if you understand what I am saying. The advertised position is not for technical training, it is for Work Experience using those tools listed below. The cost of the work experience program is $399 registration fee plus 14% of 1 year salary when you get a job.
If you want technical training as a devops engineer, using the same tools, the cost of that is $1695 or the equivalent percentage of your current income. Either of the two.
-Class is 100% online.
-You will be assigned a live instructor
-You will meet with your instructor 3 times per week
-Each session is 1 hr long
-You have 24/7 access to labs and hands-on practice materials
-Duration of the Linux/DevOps/AWS (pick one) training is 3 months
-You are automatically enrolled in the Work Experience program
-Cost of program: registration is $399 plus agreement for 14% of 2 years salary
This Work Experience program is for people who have finished Linux training and are looking for Work Experience.
Have you finished your Linux training? If not, would you like our one-on-one instructors to help you finish it quickly?
We do not guarantee jobs but providing real-life work, connection to our alumni network and connection to our network of recruiters significantly improves our graduates chances of getting jobs and also more more quickly. So far, the average has been 30 - 60 days after completing the Work Experience program.
We assist with looking for job. You may visit our website and click on the Job Placement program to see what it covers.
Have you finished technical training in any technology area?
Congratulations. I see that you already have your RHCSA. This is exactly what we are looking for.

The next step is for you to log into linuxjobber.com and sign up for the Work Experience program here: workexperience As I said in the previous email, the cost of registration is $399 and there is a 14% of 1 salary when you get a job as compensation for our service.

In this program, you will also get real-life learning/usage of all those technologies listed in the previous email.

Our network of alumni will also significantly increase your chances of securing a job in the field.
No, you do not need to take another certification. The goal of the Work Experience program is to prepare you directly for jobs.

Congratulations on completing your Linux training. Now that you have completed your training, the next step is to sign up for the work experience program.

Are you interested in joining our Work Experience program? The cost of registration is $399 and our fee is 14% of first year salary when you get a job.

Let me know if you are interested.

Congratulations, Finished Linux Training & Ready for Work Experience? Congratulations on completing your Linux training. Now that you have completed your training, the next step is to sign up for the work experience program here: workexperience The program begins tomorrow.

Please bare in mind that this is not Linux training and we will not be teaching you Linux in this program. The program expects you to come in with Linux knowledge.

I have looked at your resume.

The work we have is mostly devops and that is not in your skillset. Would you be interested in our work experience program? If you do that, we only get paid when you get a job of $90k or more. The Work Experience program will cost you $399 to enrol and $14% of first year salary.

Are you interested in that?

Bank account is only used to verify your identity. If you are concerned about it, you can open a new account with $10 and use that one. We just want to ensure that you have gone into a bank and they have checked your ID. That is all. Everyone follows the same process.
I hope this clarifies it.

Here is how it works:

1. The team meets 100% online from 12:30 to 12:50pm EST. You will join our team. It is a full team with Linux Admins, Developers, DevOps and Project Manager.

2. You will be assigned tasks as if you are a Linux Admin working for our company

3. You will do everything yourself as if you are a Linux admin using internet resources to support yourself so that you can complete your tasks. We will give you a mentor who can point you to online resources if you need help but they will not help you solve problems because you are now regarded as a Linux Admin.

4. You will think through the tasks yourself and how to solve them. That is how you will gain the experience.

5. The program runs for 3 months. Exactly 90 days. Registration fee is due before first day of training.

6. You must finish your work before the end of the 3 months.

7.You must reach READY MILESTONE before we can support any job hunting efforts with you. READY MILESTONE is a stage in the program where you can build and deploy the company’s application called chatscrum.

8. As for payment, it is $399 registration fee + 14% of first year salary when you get a tech job.

Lots of people have used this system and they are working now. They never had any problems This is a huge company in New York, Leif.org, they process thousands of students all over the country, no problem We have been working with them for over 2 years. Never had a single problem.

I am positive that they are legit especially since I can point to tens of our graduates who signed the same agreement and are currently working now