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Many graduates have already completed their training and obtained their certifications. Our Work Experience program helps them to simulate On-The-Job training and get real-life, practical, industry experience in their respective fields. I am sure it will help you too.

- Joseph Showumi, Founder LinuxJobber

At the moment the program seems very basic but I am only about 3 weeks into the program.

The work experience program gives me the opportunity to refer back to most of the topics I learnt while in class, and utilize it in the WE; even though it is still an ongoing experience for me.

My regret is not joining the work experience earlier, I was hesitating due to the fee. Happy I joined, I got the chance to apply my knowledge to real world task by researching to execute those task :)

This program boosted my confidence level. I was exposed to new programs and service that I couldn't have know by just getting trained. My only regret was that I didn't know about this program earlier.

Linuxjobber did an excellent job on the working experience progam by gathering everyone, the tech leads and students to an assigned Tasks provide your status . This really helped everyone feel like they were part of the process and the program gives me a alot of confidence to working on live servers . I also liked how they asked everyone a question related to their expertise. It was a great way to encourage participation. Working with this program is a great example of true teamwork. Before I joined the team I thought it was like a scam but I gave it the benefit of doubt which turned positive . I would like to encourage linuxjobber to keep it up. Nicely done!

The work experience program gave me valuable experience with how IT teams might operate in real working conditions with tools that I see many hiring companies constantly ask their applicants to have.

Learn Linux, Nginx, Ansible & Docker before enrolling Pros: Challenging/Fun Cons: Poorly structured, overpriced/Payment plan, poor value for money, sometimes inflexible.

The tech leads are very knowledgeable and helpful. I found the program very challenging and rewarding. Exactly what I needed.

It was a great learning experience.

I thought I knew what was needed to succeed - I was wrong. Linux-jobber takes you from novice or seasoned to the CUTTING Edge doing do with real world situations. I HIGHLY recommend this training!

The program is worthwhile, bringing you face to face with real world scenario challenges as a solutions architect. The organizers are so passionate and it makes you look forward to the daily meeting .

I have learned ways to do an online research for resources and use it to troubleshoot an issue with confidence.

The Work Experience completely changed me for good.It has built my confidence in the field.Before the work experience i was still douting if i could make it.