Linuxjobber FAQs

The cost of the training is $29 per month and the duration depends on you. The earlier you finish the modules, the faster you will finish the course. However, most people finish the course in 6 - 8 weeks.
No, you will not be able to cope with Linux proficiency if you don't do the fundamentals.
We over both online and onsite courses. Online is $29 per month. On-site is $2495 per course.
The free trial requires you to pay $29 at sign-up time. That money is completely refunded if you cancel within the 14 days. No obligations and no questions asked.
We have both recorded lectures and Live, instructor-led online classes. The fundamentals are completely online.
Yes, you can complete the proficiency within a month. It is at your own pace.
The cost of the class is on the website and it depends on whether you are a Linuxjobber member ($399) or non-member ($499).
No, it is not true. Nearly all new students get jobs in the private sector. Your goal is to ensure that you understand the material well.
website. Am I consider a member of linuxjobber and benefit from the $399 discount? No, you are not a member yet. Member means that you have subscribed. You are considered a member even within the 14 days trial period.
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