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Microsoft Azure

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This course starts from the fundamentals of cloud computing and covers all the topics necessary to perform as a cloud architect in a Microsoft Azure environment. The course also covers the materials required to take and pass the Microsoft Azure certification course for architects.

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About This Course

This course is designed to accommodate beginners with no prior knowledge of cloud computing. It is designed to provide the complete knowledge and prepare a person for the certification course.

What Will You Learn

Course Prerequisite

Not Required

Course Outline

Welcome to Microsoft Azure

55 min

Overview of Azure Infrastructure, Features and Types of Cloud

55 min

Create a Budget and Launch Your First Cloud Virtual Machine

55 min

Finish With Your First VM and Get Overview of Other Services

55 min

Overview of Azure Subscriptions

55 min

Customizing Azure portal and VM instance types

55 min

Configuring and monitoring VM resources

55 min

High availability in VMs

55 min

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

55 min

Azure Powershell AZ Module

55 min

Automation of ARM Template

55 min

Encryption of Azure Virtual Machine OS Disk

55 min

Create and Configure Azure Storage Account

55 min

Azure Virtual Network

55 min

Manage hybrid identities with Azure Active Directory

55 min

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Once you enroll for a Certificate, you’ll have access to all videos, quizzes, and programming assignments (if applicable). Peer review assignments can only be submitted and reviewed once your session has begun. If you choose to explore the course without purchasing, you may not be able to access certain assignments.

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