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Programming and Testing

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About This Course

Programming training is a methodical way of teaching an engineer the various Software Programming techniques with which, the engineers can create software and evaluate whether a software is working according to the business requirement. It helps in verifying whether the actual results match the expected results and helps ensure that the software system is released to the market as defect free. Programming training helps engineers in creating software and helps the company in identifying errors, gaps or missing requirements in comparison to a software requirements specification. Testing techniques are implemented either manually or by using automated tools.

What Will You Learn

Course Prerequisite


Course Outline

Introduction to Testing and Testing Fundamentals

9 min

Strategy and Methods for Test Case Design

10 min

Levels of Testing in Software Testing

10 min

Setup python and Introduction to python Data Types and loops

12 min

Selenium with Python

9 min

Running Selenium Tests on Different Browsers

9 min

Basic Webdriver Commands

12 min

Navigational webdriver commands

0 min

Conditional Webdriver Commands

0 min

Selenium Web Driver Implicit Wait

0 min

Selenium Webdriver Explicit Wait commands

0 min

Input Boxes

0 min

Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

55 min

Working with Dropdown in Selenium

55 min

Working with Links

55 min

Frame navigation with Selenium

55 min

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