Acquire both “Technical Training”
and “Work Experience” at a go!

What is Combined Training?

Basically, this program allows you obtain two trainings, “Technical Training” and “Work Experience” under one package.

For Technical Training

Choose between Linux, AWS and DevOps to learn: These courses covers everything from:

  • Command-line

  • Touches the core areas of Linux Administration

  • Shell scripting to setting up basic servers

  • Amazon services such as computing, storage, networking, database,analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of Things.

For Work Experience

The Work experience programme which is a 3 month program. You will

  • Work closely with our experienced development team and build experience.

  • Learn with the most current technologies used in today’s workplace.

  • We maintain Work History Record for each trainee, as proof of tasks accomplished and tender for employment purposes.

  • The training is totally remote.

Combination of the two programs into one is “Combined Tranining

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Past Graduates

Photos and certificates from some of our previous graduates of Combined Training