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Windows Systems Administration

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This course is an absolute beginner course designed specifically for people with no prior computer experience trying to pursue a career in Systems Administration.

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About This Course

This course will help you understand what Systems Administration is, why companies need it and gain the skills needed to perform the functions needed by companies. The course starts from the absolute beginning at the point of installation and it will cover all necessary knowledge areas to the level required to obtain the Windows Server 2016 certification.

What Will You Learn

Course Prerequisite


Course Outline

Welcome to Server Administration

55 min

Virtualisation: a safe means of running operating systems

55 min

Introduction to Windows server

55 min

Introduction to Active Directory Domain Service

55 min

DNS Server Configuration and Active Directory Containers

55 min

User accounts and grouping in Active Directory

55 min

AWS-Managed Microsoft Active Directory Service

55 min

Launching a Virtual Server on AWS EC2 Instance

55 min

Host Server Configuration and Instance Domain Auto-Join

55 min

Account Security and Group Policy Objects

55 min

File and Share Permissions

55 min

Active Directory Managed Service Accounts

55 min

Active Directory Certificate Services

55 min

Active Directory Federation Service

55 min

Introduction to Powershell

55 min

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