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Auffline Desktop

Get involved in building this non-profit java desktop distance learning application used to deliver video content to offline students. This application is extremely important in countries where internet is unaffordable to the majority.



Join the team that is creating the multi-tier web frontend and user interface for Auffline administration. They are building a database driven website with modern technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Node.js) for Auffline clients.


Benefits of hands-on learning:

Greater Retention of Program Material

Students who practice what the/ re learning in a hands-on environment can often retain three and half times as much .

Access to Materials and Programs used on a Job In Real -Time

Students a better feel for the training material at hand as well as exposure to current technologies used by employers.

Supervision of a Professional

Students' work are closely monitored by industry professionals to maximize adherence to best practicing situation as a result.

Critical Thinking Skills that can Be Developed

By solving real-world problems, students engage in critical thinking and thereby maximizing their potential.

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Student Internship


Currently enrolled or recent graduate

Have access to computer & internet

Minimum 18 years old


Adult Work Experience


Authorization to work legally

Prior training in area of interest


The benefits of using our service.

Real Experience

Truthfully gain experience as part of a team working on useful real-world applications

Upgrade Resume

Use standard industry specific tools. Include the tools in your resume for better visibility

Save the money

Searching for jobs and getting rejected is called LOSS OF INCOME. Avoid it and start here now!

Supervision by Experts

This is the best value: Let professionals guide you while you develop your skills and build experience

Use Current Tools

Become more marketable by getting exposure to mordern tools used by employers

Learn Better

Nothing beats hands-on experience. Most people understand better when they do it themselves